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Blessings and Welcome to Priestess Works

Priestess Works, offering classes, workshops and readings. We offer traditional teachings of the Sanse Espiritismo lineage. The owner and director of Priestess Works is Priestess Shoshana, for more than 20 years, she’s helped people heal, manifest and connect to the spirit world serving as an initiated Sanse Espiritismo Mambo.

Shoshana Des Chenes practices an ancient form of witchcraft connected with the Taíno people of the Caribbean isles. She teaches people who want to learn how to speak with spirits. She is a master channel and intuitive, having dedicated her life to the connection of spirit and person, purpose and living, healing and manifestation.




“Just had a reading with Shoshanna yesterday. I LOVE her direct and frank approach. I need to be told it like it is. I don’t need pampering or sweet talking. Life is some serious business, and I need help sorting it out. Shoshanna helped me learn what I need to do to find self-esteem and a fulfilling relationship. It felt like I was being brushed off and put back on the right road.”

- A.E. Animal Therapist Trainer

“Six months ago, I experienced a full-day clearing with Priestess Shoshana and her teacher, Houngan Hector. The work which removed a curse that I had been living with for almost all of my life was gentle, yet powerful. I continued to receive guidance from Shoshana as a student in her School of Mysteries as I integrated the experience. Each month following the working felt like 3-5 years of mental, physical, emotional, and Spiritual growth. Through the clearing work with Shoshana and Hector, I felt understood and heard in my suffering for the first time in my life and discovered the truths behind the damage I experienced in my past. Now, six months following the working, I am 30 years old and I feel as though I have the keys to my Universe. I never knew it was possible to feel so motivated, alive, happy, and strong in my life. I have the will now to transcend chains of suffering so that I can step into my purpose in life fully and enjoy doing it. My paths for love, abundance, health, and purpose are open, and my life feels restored. I am open to the mystery of life I am constantly surprised by myself and by the Universe, despite the trials of life that continue. The clearing work was the best choice I could ever make for myself and I would encourage anyone to make this work a priority if it calls to them. Thank you, Shoshana and Hector!”

- M. A. Transpersonal Therapist

“I have been taking weekly classes with Shoshana for about 3 years now. These classes are completely tailored to my personal needs and desires as a spiritual student. Shoshana has a brilliant ways of explaining energy and the spirit realm through spot-on analogies that are grounded in her deep understanding of physics. This is something I deeply value because she never gives flighty answers nor says what she cannot backup. Shoshana has a means of balancing patience with tough love in ways that challenge me to challenge myself while feeling safe enough to face the struggles along the way. Since my work with Shoshana and Priestess Works began, I have come to know myself in a more honest and true way. I have learned to use tools and countless strategies to balance myself, strengthen myself in the face of challenges, and to create what I truly desire for my life. With all of the tools I have learned, I am so grateful to continue classes with Shoshana as incorporating them into my life is where the real learning occurs. There is no doubt that Shoshana is in direct communication with the spirit realm and it is an irreplaceable gift to receive support and guidance beyond my scope of vision!!”

- L.T. Scientist

“I’m feeling a shift within myself from pain and desperation, to subtle confidence, calmness, groundedness, and trust in myself.”

- L. D. Student

“My fibromyalgia symptoms are 85-90% cleared. 2 days following our working, I got an urge to jog jogged for quite a while, and did not wake up with any debilitating pain as I have done for close to ten years. The rest of my healing journey seems to lie in continuing to improve my discipline in exersise something that my family has never been to good at! Thank you so much.”

- M. R. Transpersonal psychology

“Shoshana’s magic is so potent. After several years of being single and disheartened about love, I worked with Shoshana on a love and attraction spell. Within days of completing the work, my confidence peaked and I was meeting great men wherever I went. I was going on several dates a week with smart, funny, successful, and sexy men who were treating me with care, sweetness and attention. I have since experienced a renewed inflow of romance, love and joy in my life thanks to Shoshana’s magic. She always sees her clients for who they truly are and she has an uncanny ability to discern the truth in any situation. Nothing is more magical or healing than working with someone who completely believes in you in all your splendor.”

- L. D. Journalist