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Priestess Shoshana is a world-renowed spiritual consultant with over 20 years of experience. Her students and clients get results.


801 Hopkins Rd, Haddonfield, NJ 08033

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8 Weeks to a Miracle

Saturday 11AM – Noon
Starting August 20th

Transforming life with ancient spiritual knowledge


learn essential life skills in magic and spiritual work.

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Interested in Sanse Classes?

Sense is a spiritual path of traditional folk remedies and ancient which-craft connected with the Taino people of the Caribbean isles. A spirituality for all cultures and beliefs.

  • Are you curious about your gifts?
  • Do you want precision in your spiritual education?
  • Do you seek to have balance in power and humility?
  • Is stewardship important to you when approaching the spiritual realm?
  • Do you want to be initiated?



“Just had a reading with Shoshana yesterday. I LOVE her direct and frank approach. I need to be told it like it is. I don’t need pampering or sweet talking. Life is some serious business, and I need help sorting it out. Shoshana helped me learn what I need to do to find self-esteem and a fulfilling relationship. It felt like I was being brushed off and put back on the right road.”

– A.E. Animal Trainer

“Shoshana is the real deal. You know it’s good when you walk away feeling a bright and new journey unfolding. She has a comprehensive understanding of the various guides, ancestors and other contacts that are available to us. And the venue is in a refreshing location… where the land meets the sea.”

– T. M. Engineer 

“These classes are completely tailored to my personal needs and desires as a student. Shoshana has a brilliant ways of explaining energy and the spirit realm through spot-on analogies that are grounded in her deep understanding of physics. This is something I deeply value because she never gives flighty answers nor says what she cannot backup. Shoshana has a means of balancing patience with tough love in ways that challenge me to challenge myself while feeling safe enough to face the struggles along the way. I have learned to use tools and strategies to balance myself, strengthen myself in the face of challenges, and to create what I truly desire for my life. There is no doubt that Shoshana is in direct communication with the spirit realm and it is an irreplaceable gift to receive support and guidance beyond my scope of vision!!”

– L.T. Biologist 

“I’m feeling a shift within myself from pain and desperation, to subtle confidence, calmness, and trust in myself.”

– L. D. Media Consultent 

“My fibromyalgia symptoms are 85-90% cleared. 2 days following our working, I got an urge to jog jogged for quite a while, and did not wake up with any debilitating pain as I have done for close to ten years. Thank you so much.”

– M. R. Transpersonal Psychology

“My inner work has been a lot about healing and feeling a sense of belonging and acceptance. I belong to the earth and I belong to my friends and I belong to my man. It has been about leaving behind isolation and aloneness and coming into a life where I feel wanted and needed and desired and secure. I have a special bond with my my friends and my love.

It has also been about transforming the feeling of “weird” to the feeling of “special” and “talented.” I feel sparkly and exceptional and I need this to reflect in my life. My inner work has helped me to stop blaming myself for other people’s bullshit and to believe in my own feelings. I am now starting to work on seeing my dreams as being fully possible of being realized and manifested beyond what I can even imagine, and that the doors can be opened and I have the power and the freedom to make this happen.

My inner work has allowed me to let myself be me – vulnerable, giving, tender, and happy, and unique in my artistic interpretation of life. I feel that I have something true to offer and that it will be received with joy.”

– A.B. Architect