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Priestess Shoshana Des Chenes, 20 years as a spiritual worker

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“Shoshana Des Chenes keeps it REAL and grounded. Her knowledge and experience in the magic and healing arts is prophetic; channeled and rooted in deep ancient knowledge. My life has been profoundly transformed as a result of this work and I am forever indebted, honored and humbled to have had Shoshana Des Chenes serve as my guide throughout the many years, and continuing.”
- L. C. certified life coach

I’m feeling a shift within myself from pain and desperation, to subtle confidence, calmness, groundedness, and trust in myself.
- L. D. student

“My fibromyalgia symptoms are 85-90% cleared. 2 days following our working, I got an urge to jog- jogged for quite a while, and did not wake up with any debilitating pain as I have done for close to ten years. The rest of my healing journey seems to lie in continuing to improve my discipline in exercise- something that my family has never been to good at! Thank you so much.
- M. R. transpersonal psychology therapist

“Shoshana’s magic is so potent. After several years of being single and disheartened about love, I worked with Shoshana on a love and attraction spell. Within days of completing the work, my confidence peaked and I was meeting great men wherever I went. I was going on several dates a week with smart, funny, successful, and sexy men who were treating me with care, sweetness and attention. I have since experienced a renewed inflow of romance, love and joy in my life thanks to Shoshana’s magic. She always sees her clients for who they truly are and she has an uncanny ability to discern the truth in any situation. Nothing is more magical or healing than working with someone who completely believes in you in all your splendor.”
- L. D. Journalist