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Student Manual for level one classes – Clearing the Emotional Field

Clearing the Emotional Field

– Building your life force
– Learning to connect with life force
– Healing emotional wounds
– Clearing inherited emotional patterns
– Strengthening the energy field
– Meditations, theory and practice of the above

In the ancient temples students were given the rite to emotional autonomy, health and balance. The simple truth is we have forgotten how to evolve our emotional equilibrium, relying on willpower and strength to move through the vast emotional influxes humans endure. When balanced though, a person’s emotional body is a highly integral component to spiritual evolution. This level is the foundational practice for building up your life force.

Student Manual for level one classes – Connecting to your Intuition

Connecting to your Intuition and Accessing Higher Guidance

– Developing Intuition
– Accessing Higher guidance
– Learning Manifestation
– Meditations, theory and practice of the above

In this work one can begin to listen to intuition as a practice for discernment in spiritual guidance. Many cultures talk with spirit, yet here, students approach their personal guides in a manner that is distinct. One must have discernment and responsibility to attain true connection in the realm of inner guidance before the realm of spiritual guidance. This practice of listening to inner guidance through clearing the intuitive body, we consider to be a rite of passage into adulthood.

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