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Healing from Abuse

Healing from abuse Abuse comes in many forms. A person can experience abuse as a child or as an adult. Abuse is categorized in many fields as any disempowering relationship – this can be present in an environment, organization, or personal dynamic. The disempowerment can affect you emotionally, financially, mentally, physically and, our topic today, […]

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May Blog | Women’s Work

Women’s Work Women’s work is about identifying the convoluted emotions women project on people. In a women’s circle, these emotions usually will go unchallenged or will be denied a clear listening. A clear listening comes from a leader who knows the emotional depth women have. Because this is largely misunderstood, leaders will either lead women […]

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Women in Spiritual Evolution

Women in Spiritual Evolution If evolution is a slow process regarding circumstances in nature coupled from time to time with an unpredictable leap moving humanity forward, then it can be safely said that women have and will have specific developments onto themselves. These unpredictable leaps serve a purpose on a community level that is difficult […]

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