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10 Passages to Will

2nd Year Weekend Training Modules Enjoy any Module in any order and go at your own pace. Learn one step at a time and download your free class today. First Weekend  – Coaching by Element / Sanse 101 Second Weekend – How the Spirit Realm Works Third Weekend – Advanced Divination Fourth Weekend – Espiritismo Coronation   What you will learn […]

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Truth or Dare

What are your dreams? I am going to tell you a truth about the most secret and precious aspect of spirit work. Every day I wake up and meet the new day by the side of my spirits, in the altar room with a cup of coffee and the soft candle light drawing in the new sun onto […]

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People make this work live

As an interested student or a provider, one thing makes spiritual work successful and that is community. Community drives out negative doubts. Community brings together like-minded individuals to progress together. Spiritual Work requires a home to grow within, strong leaders, guides and people. Without people willing to learn, face challenges and push themselves to the next level, our beloved mysteries would […]

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