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Magic from Priestess Works

Working with the Spirits

“Long ago our way of cultivating our life was through the work of artists and sages. These wise people lived true to a different world. This world of spirit could help make real a person’s destiny. Now, in our modern world, you look at these things as interference, as tampering. But, who is to say the use of these works is not the real truth in action and making of form? Tampering by not receiving this spiritual help. We, the spirit is here for these reasons, to guide, to make real, to, how you say… manifest. I don’t know, thousands of years we have lived, and you, one life.” – Spirit Guide

Magical Products

We like to help people be safe in their journeys throughout life, be protected, and resolve difficult situations. Our magic is real, powerful and effective.


Candles – First level magic

Traditional candles are a first level of magic good for resolving love, money and work issues. They also can be used for helping to “create intentions”. After a consultation, we will prepare a fixed candle for you with herbs, oils and powers for your case. We will burn this for you, or you can have it sent out to you in the mail. If we send it to you, you will burn it on your own. If we do it for you, it will have more power behind the work.

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Lamp – First level magic

A Lamp is still first level magic but stronger then a candle. We burn the lamp for you because we must observe the lamp every three hours for the three days it is burning. You can have a three day lamp, or a six day lamp, or a nine day lamp. If your need exceeds nine days, we recommend a Magical Works package for you.

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Potions – First level magic

A Potion is a still first level of magic but they are stronger then a lamp because they are a body wash, magic bottle, or decoction. These are very effective. We make potions for you to use along with a prayer and service to the spirit that will help you with your case. They are sent to you in the mail along with directions for you to follow. Most people do well with them, but sometimes they forget a step or two. Doing the recommended directions will guarantee full potency.

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Magical Works – Second level magic

A Magic Package is a second degree of magic. In your consultation, we can recommend a package for you. Your package may include potions, prepared candles, a talisman, and other items mounted by spiritual power. We specialize in protection, clearings and cleansings, spell removal, curse removal, and love.

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Spirit Work – Third level magic

This is third level of magic. In Spiritual work we use our shamanic, mediumship, and trancing to employ the spirit realm for the work. The focus of this work is to bring in positive spirits and guides as unhelpful ones are elevated or cleared. This may include resolving problems like mental and emotional difficulties, or unresolvable patterns and occurrences like hauntings, black magic, demons, and so on.

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House Clearing

Clearing a home is major work. A house clearing will include clearing old energy, emotions, spirits and any unrested history. A home can influence the way people think and feel. Clearing a home will leave only the best intentions for the house, giving the occupants a feeling of clarity and newness. Priestess Shoshana will clear the home, give a blessing to the home, and open up the new intention for the home. A home clearing is for any building or space used.

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Have a consultation prior to ordering your works. After your reading with Priestess Shoshana, she will recommend a works package for you.


“The attraction potion you made for me was so awesome! It smelled beautiful, felt amazing, and worked! People have been flirting with me and I’m having so much fun! “ – A. M. Professional “Shoshana’s protection and clearing work not only gave me the time to see with a clear lens what has been happening since childhood, but it protected me from further digging myself into the cycle. I’m now seeing clearly and protected from those…who continue to try and pull me down unconsciously. I now can see clearly their motives on a deeper level intuitively and protect myself through the power of spirit and move towards Higher Self Love. Thank you Shoshana!”

K.T.  Family Therapist

“Shoshana’s magic is so potent. After several years of being single and disheartened about love, I worked with Shoshana on a love and attraction spell. Within days of completing the work, my confidence peaked and I was meeting great men wherever I went. I was going on several dates a week with smart, funny, successful, and sexy men who were treating me with care, sweetness and attention. I have since experienced a renewed inflow of romance, love and joy in my life thanks to Shoshana’s magic.  She always sees her clients for who they truly are and she has an uncanny ability to discern the truth in any situation. Nothing is more magical or healing than working with someone who completely believes in you in all your splendor.” 

L. D. Medea Consultant