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Do you know the value of being on your path?

You’r most valuable asset is an accurate reading. At Priestess Works we exceed our clients expectations with accuracy and proven methods for helping our clients succeed. In our time together we will give you the ability to make informed decision in your life. In this private session your complex and life long problems get resolved. We always give you a corse of action to take and an opportunity to transform any situation immediately. – An amazing experience to have.



60 Minute Psychic Reading

In a 60 min. reading you will have all your questions answered by a professional psychic. You will get the information you seek, and you will be given a clear path for positive change. Priestess Shoshana provides stable results and will let you know what work she offers that will be best for you going forward.

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20 Minute Psychic Reading

In a 20 min. reading with Priestess Shoshana you will receive an introductory understanding of the causes and influences on you for a specific issue. You will be given information to help you clear any negativity influencing you. Priestess Shoshana will let you know what work she offers that will be best for you going forward.

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Medical Intuitive Reading 120 min

A medical intuitive reading is a comprehensive “scan” of each system in your physical body. In this 120 min. we will evaluate the causes of unresolved imbalances you are experiencing. Referrals will be given for your healing process. Priestess Shoshana will let you know what work she offers that will help you. She is a women’s health specialist, trained nutritionist, certified herbalist, certified in anatomy and physiology, and a Caribbean folkloric medicine woman.

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People are so excited to experience real and lasting positive change. Here is what our clients are saying:


“Just had a reading with Shoshanna yesterday. I LOVE her direct and frank approach. I need to be told it like it is. I don’t need pampering or sweet talking. Life is some serious business, and I need help sorting it out. Shoshanna helped me learn what I need to do to find self-esteem and a fulfilling relationship. It felt like I was being brushed off and put back on the right road.”

– A.E. Animal Therapest and Trainer

“Readings with Shoshana are nothing short of astounding. Shoshana sees past the clutter of life and cuts to the deep truth and root of all issues. She has a deep and real understanding of the spirit realm which allows her to clearly see and explain what influences are in effect. Not only does she pin-point the root cause of issues, but she offers support in navigating and overcoming life’s trials by sharing tools, guidance, and steps by step instructions for magical works specific to my needs! Countless times I find myself living out a situation that Shoshana foretold months ago! “

– L.T. Journalist

“I had a reading about the spirits that were coming into my space from my job when clients I worked with passed. Shoshana told me someone was getting ready to pass, gave me three letters of their name, told me it was a female. I told her I did not know who this woman was because I only had men on my caseload at that time. She said I’d know who it was when it happens. So I waited and sure enough, a few days later, one of my female clients, who had been in the hospital (that’s why I didn’t think I had females on my caseload) she passed unexpectedly due to a quick turn in her medical condition. I didn’t think anything else about it, but experienced the greatness and beauty of the work when I walked unknowingly into the room where her funeral was held at our facility. The ceremony had just ended, The janitor told me it was a funeral and stated the name of the woman.”

– G. H. Physical Therapist