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Sanse Espiritismo and the tradition has blossomed from shamanic Caribbean roots. Only a hand full of people are initiated, Shoshana is one of these few. Now on the west coast. Blessings

Mediumship Workshop

To discover more about Priestess works mediumship workshop, Houngan Hector discusses what the workshop offers to attendees. To order recording of the 2 hour Meduimship Workshop Click here

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Mediumship Workshop Soundbite

Enjoy this beautiful Soundbite of the 2014 Mediumship Skills Workshop, with Papa Hector and Manbo Shoshana.View additional videos on the Priestess Works uTube channel. 2 hour recording! $121 Order Recording Now

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Celebrate the Soley Division

Summer Solstice People have celebrated the summer solstice for over 4,000 years. Mega alters dedicated to the changing of seasons are located all over our world. In Europe, and India, in South America, and Nepal, in Australia, and Africa. Every culture gathers in ceremony to acknowledge the changing of season and the longest day of […]

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