Priestess Works


Step 1 - Assessment Readings Awaken, Emerge and Reconnect

Your personal assessment will allow us to place you on a path that leads to the best health, love and self-empowerment for you.

Step 2 - Discovery Enlightenment

Receive peace and strength through soulful personal
empowerment and self-paced enrichment.

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Step 3 - healing Celebrations

Clear away anxiety and depression, overcome fatigue, be whole and complete. Lay back and relax as you enjoy sacred celebrations that work on you’r spirit, body and life.

“What you seek is seeking you.” Rumi Book
Meet The Priestess

“I believe the knowledge people seek is within themselves. With an understanding of how to tap into this energy, purpose can be cultivated from raw power into a refined art.”

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Step 4 - Explore The Shop

Enjoy inspired magic, healing arts and
treasures of self-mastery.
1433 South Fort Harrison Ave. Clearwater, FL. 33756

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Life changing offers Keys to power…

Knowledge leads to wisdom, wisdom leads to empowerment.

Spiritual Readings

Experience the Sacred Art of Spiritual Wellness

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Initiation in Sanse Espiritismo. A Beautiful Tradition of Love and Light.

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Serpent Suta Bellydance and Yogic Principles

Experience this Ancient Women's Healing Art


Temple de la Luna

Healing Center

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A Mambo Podcast

Unleash Your Inner Deity

Light your inner fire,

Soothe your aching heart,

Dominate your inner demons,

So that they forever depart.

Reset your body and soul,

Submit to your wishes and dreams,

Allow our magic and spirits to guide you,

On your way to being supreme.

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