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A Tradition of Love and Light

About Sanse Espiritismo

Welcome Home – Sanse is a Caribbean tradition among many. In these traditions there are distinct ways each operates. For example, all are influenced by the belief in spirits, how and when to work with the spirits will change with each tradition. Within the Sanse tradition we consider spiritual development to be a process of developing ones gift through a very clear and practical framework. Sanse is a tradition of progression focusing on making life better, and manifesting goodness. Along with this focus comes the need to cleans and clear negetivity. Make no mistake about it, Sanse priests and priestesses are trained and initiated in the Mysteries to an extent that most traditions do not teach their initiates to be.

A Sansista who is initiated properly will be well versed in magic, ceremonies, and processes in the spirit realm. A true Sansista is a shaman, curandero, and a practicing witchdoctor all warped up in one. They have the capability to fight forces, to heal great problems, and to combat and end malevolent beings. With a dedication to the light, they still know the other realms just as well. A misconception is, Sanse is all love and light. You can not progress as a priest or priestess unless you know how to interact with all facets of the spirit realm. Our magic is strong and our power has force.

As a student, the goal is to attain sweetness in life. As a practicing priest or priestess, we face every hardship and dutifully, and pass tests of life and death to become capable practitioners. This ensures our ability to help people. You may want to be sure, you are learning from a properly trained priest or priestess before working with a Sansista. Without the right kind of tests and training, people can intend to do good but can cause more harm. Because we are a real Caribbean tradition, we consider three years a good beginning for a student. Most Sansistas have practiced their whole lives and have slowly built up their cliental through word of mouth and family. We see people these days reading about the work on line, or grabbing bits of information hear and there, for this reason we often need to re-teach people from the beginning even if they feel they know more than most.

An overview

We believe the Great Spirit has moved itself into three energy currents. These three energy currents make up nature and are the consciousness of the natural world. This energy breaks itself down into millions of Mysteries or Lwa.

Mysteries and Lwa are the highest and most evolved life forms prior to becoming one with the Great Spirit. We recognize these spirits as Saints, Kachinas, Dakini, Angels, Bodhisattvas, and enlightened ones. They are any and all forms of life who have evolved out of karma and into service. Their purpose is to guide evolving beings and spirits into their next level of lessons and work.

In Sanse, we make contact with these evolved forces for guidance, healing, and help. We also strive to connect with the great three energy sources in nature by visiting, honoring and worshiping the natural world. We do this through personal work and development of our personal nature through prayer, service and ceremony, as well as frequenting large bodies of nature.

Some of the ways we build our life force is through serving the Mysteries and Lwa. A service is a gift to the spirits of food, drink or items the spirits like. An altar serves the purpose for these services to the spirits to be placed upon and represents our connection to the spirit realm.

In ceremonies or parties, we come together to join in singing, dancing, and trancing. In Sanse we trance for the advice and help which can be passed through us from the Mysteries and Lwa. In other Caribbean traditions, the parties are for the spirits only, so there is not a focus on guidance and healing. But in Sanse this is what the parties are for, to help people in the ceremony through guidance and healing.

In Sanse, we have the difficulty of spiritual bigotry and fear, as our tradition is rooted in Vodou. Traditional Vodou is a well of wisdom and a fine art of Shamanic practices. We believe Sanse has preserved the traditional ways, because it is a tradition which has sat quietly in the Caribbean isles without mass expansion. When traditions expand outside of the culture, many taboos are formed and the truth is lost. Modern concepts of Vodou are dark and violent. This is not how the tradition was formed or intended to be.

In Sanse we teach people to serve the spirits, to connect with their personal guides and to master their own personalities with inner work, and personal healing. There is a focus on magic as well.

We define magic in three ways:

  • The use and control of personal power. This comes from personal healing, inner work and character development.
  • The ability to direct spirit. This comes from developing a connection to the spirits and creating a bond. This is usually dependent on personal power.
  • The ability to connect with large bodies of nature and the natural world.

As you can see, we work up from self, to spirit, to nature. All this leads to a deep relationship with the Divine. We do not have a specific criteria for what the Divine is. We understand the Divine cannot be placed or captured into a single form.

Although we identify the Mysteries and Lwa by name, we understand that all life is nature, one energy current moving into another and coming together into a force of life. This life force is important to us and we strive to build life force in our bodies and actions.

A practicing person in Sanse is called a Sansista. Our goal is to live a life of balance and maturity. Most Sansista help guide others by helping them resolve their problems. We do this through investigations offered to the public through mediumship, readings and misas. After an investigation, a Sansista will offer a path for resolution. This is usually designed specific to the case and will normally include healing remedies.

Common Sanse remedies are:

  • Baths / Purifications / Potions
  • Prayers / Petitions
  • Candles / Lamps / Magical Works
  • Removing Obstacles / Clearing Spirits / Cutting Unhealthy Ties
  • Removing Negative Forces Through Ceremonies / Clearing Spells
  • Hands On Healing / Trancing the Spirits

There are three levels to trancing the spirits:

  • Mediumship communication. This is when the Sansista receives a message and translates the message to the client.
  • Semi-trance. This is when the Sansista is able to draw in the energy of the spirit and communication is possible between the client and the spirit.
  • Full-trance. This is when the Sansista has completely given their body to the spirit, the spirit is totally present with the client.

Every Sansista has a gift and a challenge.

The personal life challenge offers a passage to the greatest gift. This is why people who practice Sanse are different. We have had cruelty, poverty, and misfortune in our life. Those of us who came through these challenges are able to serve the spirits because we have had so much training in prayer and calling the forces of nature to help us, long before we ever found Sanse or our teachers. We say that you are born a Sansista, it is something which cannot be taught.

There are seven divisions of Sanse spirits.

Each is delegated to an energy current which sprang from the three aspects in nature. From the one come three, from the three come seven, from the seven come thousands, from the thousands come millions, and so on. The seven divisions are comprised of aspects in nature such as fire or water, and these break down into the Mysteries and Lwa. The Mysteries and Lwa continue to move into subtle form as Guides and Spirits. This reforming of energy continues until it reaches humanity on the physical plane.

We are responsible for:

  • On the Physical plane we are responsible for energy, poltergeists, karma, thought forms, patterned thinking and focus. This is the first level of work, the level of controlling personal power.
  • On the Intuitive plane, the second level of work, we work on clearing the body of entities, ghosts, ancestral karma, and life-long cycles. A connection to higher force is made for transitioning from being effected by life to becoming a central axis in the creation of life. This is the level of Guides and Ancestors where one learns to work beyond the self to attain a relationship with higher guidance.
  • On the Spiritual plane, the third level of work, we work to understand, know and be one with a greater perspective. This is the perspective of the soul and the soul’s path. This is difficult to explain because we can only feel at this level and feeling is strong, but words do not convoy the beauty of being connected to the natural world, spirit, life and the divine.

Sanse Beliefs