Priestess Works


Sanse Espiritismo Ceremonies

For people who need powerful and deep, healing, clearing, or protection. Using traditional and sacred rites given to us directly as priests and priestesses from the spirits. We offer ceremonies as an antidote to many issues which arise from things such as a spiritual attack, physical, mental, or emotional imbalances, injury, or patterns a person needs help changing. Spirit work can heal and remove many problems a person faces in life. Our work as Sansistas is to be an ambassador for the good spirits to come through and cause harmony. This redirecting negativity through ceremonies, helps a person find their truth, faith, and path once again.

To inquire about ceremonies please have an initial reading with Priestess Shoshana.


“Six months ago, I experienced a full-day clearing with Priestess Shoshana and her teacher, Houngan Hector. The work- which removed a curse that I had been living with for almost all of my life- was gentle, yet powerful. I continued to receive guidance from Shoshana as a student in her School of Mysteries as I integrated the experience. Each month following the working felt like 3-5 years of mental, physical, emotional, and Spiritual growth. Through the clearing work with Shoshana and Hector, I felt understood and heard in my suffering for the first time in my life and discovered the truths behind the damage I experienced in my past. Now, six months following the working, I am 30 years old and I feel as though I have the keys to my Universe. I never knew it was possible to feel so motivated, alive, happy, and strong in my life. I have the will now to transcend chains of suffering so that I can step into my purpose in life fully and enjoy doing it. My paths for love, abundance, health, and purpose are open, and my life feels restored. I am open to the mystery of life- I am constantly surprised by myself and by the Universe, despite the trials of life that continue. The clearing work was the best choice I could ever make for myself and I would encourage anyone to make this work a priority if it calls to them. Thank you, Shoshana and Hector!”

– M. A. Therapist