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Shadow Work

– A psychology of spiritual progress
– Why people reflect the spirit world
– How to develop your connection with Great Spirit

First level Magic

– How magic works and the laws of magic
– Three levels of power
– Safety and rules to the game
– How to progress

Sanse 101

– An introduction to Sanse Espiritismo
– Mysteries, Saints, and Lwa
– The history
– How to begin your practice

Mediumship Skills

– A comprehensive course designed by Papa Hector and the Gade Nou Leve Society.
– In this full curriculum you will learn everything you need to know to enhance or begin your mediumship work.


Information on Classes

Student Manual for level one classes – Clearing the Emotional Field

Clearing the Emotional Field

– Building your life force
– Learning to connect with life force
– Healing emotional wounds
– Clearing inherited emotional patterns
– Strengthening the energy field
– Meditations, theory and practice of the above

In the ancient temples students were given the rite to emotional autonomy, health and balance. The simple truth is we have forgotten how to evolve our emotional equilibrium, relying on willpower and strength to move through the vast emotional influxes humans endure. When balanced though, a person’s emotional body is a highly integral component to spiritual evolution. This level is the foundational practice for building up your life force.

Student Manual for level one classes – Connecting to your Intuition

Connecting to your Intuition and Accessing Higher Guidance

– Developing Intuition
– Accessing Higher guidance
– Learning Manifestation
– Meditations, theory and practice of the above

In this work one can begin to listen to intuition as a practice for discernment in spiritual guidance. Many cultures talk with spirit, yet here, students approach their personal guides in a manner that is distinct. One must have discernment and responsibility to attain true connection in the realm of inner guidance before the realm of spiritual guidance. This practice of listening to inner guidance through clearing the intuitive body, we consider to be a rite of passage into adulthood.

Sanse Espiritismo – 1st Level

Nature of the spirit – the Mysteries

– First level Sanse Espiritismo
– Understanding current
– Understanding spiritual development
– Prayers, Practices, and Comunication
– The spiritual frame
– Preparation for initiation
– Meditations, theory and practice of the above

In Sanse, spiritual guides are contacted for spiritual development and guidance in life. This is a profound mystery, the spirit realm is deep, vast, and beautiful. In this phase of development a student sheds old patterns and moves towards union and grace.

Invitation to the Mysteries – preparation for initiation

– Connecting with your Mysteries
– First Initiation
– Implementation of all the work into life
– Meditations, theory and practice of the above

All is attuned now, guidance, intuition, emotion. A student engages a deep realm through a rite of passage onto a path. The path is walking between inner development and outer creative power. Where the spirit meets form, a practitioner will be able to manifest truth. Because this requires development beyond constructed reality, this is a commitment to living truth. This is easy, ecstatic and fun, yet it is also beyond the known and therefore a sacred rite. This initiation is into the practice of Sanse where listening deeply and responding to the mysteries is attained.

Requirements for initiation

– Be invited by Priestess Shoshana, and Papa Hector Salva to be initiated as a Sansista
– Complete all four levels of curriculum:
1) Clearing the Emotional Field
2) Connecting to your Intuition and Accessing your Higher Guidance
3) Nature of the Spirit
4) Invitation to the Mysteries

Upon Initiation students enter Stabilization Classes

After initiation you will go into classes for stabilizing you. Because initiation changes things, we work with you to guide you in the stabilization process. After you are stable, and you learn what you need to know. We will give you a pathway to further develop. This could be becoming a healer, or, learning magic, or practicing for a second level initiation in Sanse. This is truly different for every one, and we wait to see what is right for you before we give it to you.

Second Level Classes

Stabilizing after Initiation – creating sacred spaces

– Stabilizing initiation
– Remedies for clearing
– Building sacred space
– Symbols and tools
– Spirits, energies, entities
– Balancing the pillars

This helps in what we as Sansistas refer to as, caricature development. An important part of the work usually left up to the practitioner. Here we help people achieve becoming the best of who they are meant to be, this is, in and of itself a path towards enlightenment.

This is a shamanic and therapeutic approach to maintaining balance and stabilizing as the healing process takes place after initiation. We teach people to achieve balance mentally, emotionally, intuitionally, and physically. We call this the four pillars. students will work on each of the pillars, and learn how to balance them. The four pillars when balanced create a foundation for spiritual growth. The foundation is strong when each pillar is strong. Of course, we start with finding out where the weaknesses are and teaching you how to strengthen them. We work on the spiritual aspect of the pillars and the physical aspect of the pillar, for example, are you mentally strong, do you have the power to invoke? This course can be taken as other courses are taken, depending on your gifts and challenges.

This is not a traditional Sanse Espiritismo class, we offer this amazing work as an addition to the tradition. Since every teacher brings in their qualities, Priestess Shoshana is adept in the spiritual realms, and has cultivated this work from years of guidance from the sprits, the mysteries, and from personal research in mysticism predating Hermetic teachings. Together with Sanse, this work helps our initiates remain clear and strong as they are developing their mediumship skills and reclaiming their path as a Sansista.

Healers Training

Student Manual for healers training – Purchase Manual


– Level One Classes
– Circle Work Class
– First level Initiation in Sanse Espiritismo
– Not everyone is meant to give healing to others, this level is for you if the spirits are aligned.

What you will learn in the Healing Training

– How to provide healing sessions for others
– Protocol for clearing energy, emotions and karma
– The correct use of energy
– Extractions and integrations
– Your unique gifts as a healer
– Intuition for helping to heal others
– How to build a practice

As a healer you undertake what it means to listen on all levels; spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally. You will learn to hold your spirits as they guide you. As a result, your intuitive and healing gifts will surface as your ego drops. Humbleness and grandness walk hand-in-hand. Your gifts are grand and play a vital role in healing our world.

Healers work in the energy and spirit realm. They utilize the Priestess Works healing modality. You will learn to use the sacred mysteries you have healed yourself with for others. You will be familiarized with the differences between energies, entities, spirits and guides. This is a humble and deep power that must be tempered with knowledge, boundaries, and practice. As you learn to become a healer, your Priestess or Priest path will unfold.

The Healing Modality

– Clearing (balancing the aura, healing wounds)
– Listening to truth (the three levels of consciousness)
– Completing (extraction and integrations of energy, old emotions and karma)
– Spirit medicine (elements, spirit guides, power animals)
– Tools for healing (using the elements)
– Your personal gifts
– Clearing spaces (spirits, entities, energies, malevolent beings)
– Protection

About Healing Work

– Each section of this work trains you in the ability to safely and effectively provide energy medicine for others.
– A healing session is supported by the elements and spiritual allies. Essentially you will be offering some of the work you have done on yourself, to others.
– It is important to know that the work is very powerful standing by itself, and should never be combined or watered down with other types of work. This is not a teacher-training program as the tools do not work outside of the guidance and framework of Shoshana. The purpose of the Healing Training is to take some of the tools and use them for healing, balancing and clearing others, if that is meant for you. You will discover your own capacity for healing others within the work and not as a pathway to train others.

I am proud of the gift students on this path have to offer others. This healing work is of the most in-depth and thorough training for energy medicine available. The length of the work will depend on your personal process.

Course requirements

– Clientele for training purposes
– Environment to perform healing sessions within
– Purchase of class manuals
– Uphold the practices and qualities of the Priest / Priestess Path
– A Printer

Sanse Espiritismo – 2nd Level

Information on Sanse Espiritismo Level Courses



What former students have to say

I have been taking weekly classes with Shoshana for about 3 years now. These classes are completely tailored to my personal needs and desires as a spiritual student. Shoshana has a brilliant ways of explaining energy and the spirit realm through spot-on analogies that are grounded in her deep understanding of physics. This is something I deeply value because she never gives flighty answers nor says what she cannot backup. Shoshana has a means of balancing patience with tough love in ways that challenge me to challenge myself while feeling safe enough to face the struggles along the way. Since my work with Shoshana and Priestess Works began, I have come to know myself in a more honest and true way. I have learned to use tools and countless strategies to balance myself, strengthen myself in the face of challenges, and to create what I truly desire for my life. With all of the tools I have learned, I am so grateful to continue classes with Shoshana as incorporating them into my life is where the real learning occurs. There is no doubt that Shoshana is in direct communication with the spirit realm and it is an irreplaceable gift to receive support and guidance beyond my scope of vision!!
L.T. Scientist “Shoshana Des Chenes keeps it REAL and grounded. Her knowledge and experience in the magic and healing arts is prophetic; channeled and rooted in deep ancient knowledge. This education is the only solid, safe, self-sustaining and self-supporting, comprehensive foundational knowledge you’ll ever need to know to bring you into consistent action and alignment with your own individual Truth, Life Path and Unique Gifts. My life has been profoundly transformed as a result of this work and I am forever indebted, honored and humbled to have had Shoshana Des Chenes serve as my guide throughout the many years, and continuing.”
L.C. Life Coach