Is Sanse Tradition Right for You?

We Believe

  • Every soul has a purpose
  • Spirits do exists
  • Magic does work, it is the most ancient way people have practiced spirituality
  • Negativity does exists
  • Sanse teaches people how to be safe in a very challenging world
  • Spirituality takes work
  • Never believe in salvation without dedication

Questions you would have if Sanse is a good path for you

Are you curious about your gifts?

We teach people how to create their own spiritual path. We believe every soul is unique. How we individually connect to the divine and what the divine is to us varies greatly. As there are hundreds of thousands of deities, there are also hundreds of thousands of ways spirit reaches us. We believe the knowledge people seek is within themselves. With an understanding of how to tap this energy, purpose can be cultivated from raw power into a refined art. Purpose is distorted by “programming.” To know your life purpose, the programing must be cleared. This opens the passageways to your spiritual body.

Your spiritual body is a complex system. Your spiritual body must be developed so your emotions, intuition, and spiritual guides are all illuminated and serving your life purpose. Your spiritual body does have a dark side, and must be cleared of negative emotions, intuition, spiritual guides that are not here to serve your life purpose. We have a process for you to develop your spiritual body, through meditations, art, ritual and inner healing work. If you want to learn to listen to your guidance. If you want to discover your goals, life purpose, and soul path. If you are willing to do the work to create the changes that come from learning to connect with the Mysteries, Sanse may be right for you.

Do you want precision in your spiritual education?

It is possible to connect to the spiritual body without initiation, yet initiation enhances this connection, allowing you to meet your potential and develop your gifts. Priestess Shoshana offers psychological tools, meditations, and shamanic processes unique to the real Sanse Espiritismo Tradition. These tools in personal development and spiritual growth are mysteries, so they are unveiled timely. We strive to teach a thorough education in Sanse and offer preparation work unparalleled, leading students into a solid practice they have for a lifetime.

Do you seek to have balance in power and humility?

Sanse teaches you how to connect to your guides, they are in direct communication with you. Priestess Shoshana will prepare you and bring you to your guides. The work is a balance between complete personal responsibility and complete surrendering to the process. This requires a balance in empowerment and humbleness. They both are important because you will be learning something others DO NOT KNOW. This is difficult and must be tempered with both humility and pride. You will be learning ancient secret teachings. Trying to explain this knowledge to someone else would be like speaking a different language. This, however, does not make you better than others, it just has its challenges and gifts. We want people to be proud, and the spirits like people to be strong as well as follow through on the spiritual work as it is directed.

Is stewardship important to you when approaching the spirit realm?

In the temples of old, a priest or priestess knew the passages. If you followed them, the passages could be navigated. If not, you would get lost. This is still how it is today. Priestess Shoshana knows the passages. She holds the sacred space and the teachings which must be followed precisely or you will get lost. Shoshana will lead you to your personal guides. These guides are here for you to develop a relationship with through doing the work as it is given to you. If you try to go meandering, you will end up awry. Most people drawn to Sanse know they have much to learn because they already have learned so much.  You will remain in the level you are developing until you are ready to move into the next level of work. Speed is not important, being good at your work is. 

Do you want to be initiated?

An initiation is a rite of passage one works towards. Initiation is a passageway into a deeper connection with your spirits. In this work, initiation moves you closer to living your truth as your spiritual body evolves. Initiation is not automatic. Initiation is not granted until the spirits say so.  

All initiations are held in the temple by Houngan Hector and Priestess Shoshana

Each initiation has a gift and a duty 

A gift may be what comes naturally or granted to you by your spirits / mysteries. A duty is a task handed to you by your spirits / mysteries. When your purpose, gift and duties are clear, spiritual work is fun. This is what spiritual development is about, an avenue for living joyfully in the light of your truth.

After initiation 

After initiation you will go into classes for stabilizing you. Because initiation changes things, we work with you to guide you in the stabilization process. After you are stable, and you learn what you need to know. We will give you a pathway to further develop. This could be becoming a healer, or learning magic, or practicing for a second level initiation in Sanse. This is truly different for every one, and we wait to see what is right for you before we give it to you.

Sanse Espiritismo

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