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Sanse Espiritismo Initiation

Designed for you to accomplish a life altering elevation

Initiation Includes:

  • Initiation ceremony

  • 13 group calls

  • 13 online classes

Understand why your gifts are given to you. Undergo the most challenging and life altering ceremonies that will lead you back home.

Today we can offer our teachings to the farthest reaches of the world. Join us as we guide you in finding power, peace and enlightenment as the ancients once underwent. Tie together the tattered peaces of miss information about spiritual work and who you are.

Together we walk hand in hand to develop new ways of keeping our traditions alive. We, as spirit workers from the Caribbean and ATR tribe are proud to build bridges in our community and bring you into the Sanse Teachings.

Lead by myself, Priestess Shoshana and Papa Houngan Hector. A combination of knowledge and spiritual forces unparalleled.

After Initiation

After your 13 weeks of classes you will be invited to undergo Initiation into Sanse Espiritismo. Where you will meet your Head Spirit, and Guides. This powerful cleansing of your soul resets your life path.

Your journey will begin, initiation is a beginning not an end. You will be invited to join us in training going forward to overcome any blockages to the fulfillment of who you are.

  • Open your psychic gifts
  • Be protected from negativity
  • Align your spiritual work with your life
  • Eliminate depression and anxiety
  • Succeed where you have failed before

In this dynamic and sacred weekend you will experience the ancient tradition of initiation. This empowering process allows you to be cleansed free of the past and opens a whole new world in energy, light and inspiration.

Overcome years of hardship and transcend any circumstances.

Welcome Home – Sanse is a Caribbean tradition among many. In these traditions there are distinct ways each operates. For example, all are influenced by the belief in spirits, how and when to work with the spirits will change with each tradition.

Within the Sanse tradition we consider spiritual development to be a process of developing ones gift through a very clear and practical framework. Sanse is a tradition of progression focusing on making life better, and manifesting goodness. Along with this focus comes the need to cleanse and clear negativity.

Make no mistake about it, Sanse initiates are trained in the Mysteries to an extent that most traditions do not teach their initiates to be.


Register now. Our team will reach out to you for your personal phone consultation. You will have immediate access to your online classes. We will give you everything you need to know for your classes and place you in our roster for the next initiation weekend.

Conference call – Monday’s at noon Easter Standard Time

Priestess Shoshana

4 reviews for Initiation

  1. Avianna M

    Powerful, Enlivening, and Clarifying. I received an initiation into Sanse Espiritismo by Mama Shoshana and Papa Hector and experienced immediate progression at work, finance, relationships, health, and protection. Health problems associated with diabetes, poor circulation, joint and muscle fatigue transformed and I no longer have to constantly deal with those issues. Opportunities at work opened up which lead to financial stability.
    Since initiation, taking classes, and attending ceremonies, I have been able to accomplish things that I never dreamed were possible. Like an onion, unfolding the layers of my being, I am in constant awe of the power and support that initiation, Mama Shoshana and Papa Hector have blessed me with. If initiation is recommended for you, don’t hesitate to take the opportunity and witness the power of Sanse and what doorways open up for you.

  2. Meave Bohlin

    I have struggled with chronic health issues from childhood: asthma, eczema, fatigue, grief and depression. I lived in a world where I thought these issues would never be resolved and my life and dreams would need to revolve around taking care of these issues and avoiding triggers. Through being initiated by Mama Shoshana and Papa Hector, and continued classes and ceremonies, I have been able to uncover, layer by layer the underlying source to these chronic issues. I couldn’t believe being able to function without the fog of depression. To make it through the winter without my skin bleeding. To have my asthma under control. Through this deep and profound healing I have been able to construct tangible dreams for myself without my life revolving around issues. The possibility of a future I never thought possible. To have healthy and fulfilling relationships, passionate creative outlets and a stable career. Life and health have blossomed for me through this first step of initiation. It is a beautiful opportunity I would welcome anyone to undertake. Anyone who wants to find the joy of being alive.

  3. Munirah

    Initiation was like turning the dial in my life FINALLY in the right direction. All of the experiences in my life, all of the suffering, all of the things that no one could explain finally made sense to me and began to clear because of my initiation and my work with Priestess Shoshana leading up to it. I am a psychotherapist by trade, and at the time of my initiation, I had been practicing and in the field of psychology for almost 5 years. There I was, trying to “treat” people with depression, addictions, psychotic disorders, and I realized that I could barely help them. I learned about individuals who spent tens of thousands of dollars in treatment facilities and on medications, only coming back to the same harmful cycles in life. And there I was, myself, dealing with bouts of depression for most of my life, crippling fibromyalgia , struggles with love and relationships, and an overall feeling that my Spirit was trapped. I began working with Priestess Shoshana who I initially met as my bellydance instructor. She immediately helped me get my life in order during a difficult time, and I eventually received my initiation in Sanse Espiritismo. Initiation is truly holistic healing- curing ailments of the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. It has been three years since my initiation- it remains one of the best experiences in my life. Now I am living a life literally free of the crippling depression and fibromyalgia that I had for most of my life. I have courage to take on new experiences, and I am living a life that I don’t believe would have been possible for me without my initiation. There is a depth and flow in life, a connection to Spirit that I have been longing for. One of the greatest gifts in a Sanse Espiritismo Initiation and in receiving guidance from Mama Shoshana and Papa Hector is that you free and elevate your soul, progressively breaking through barriers that prevent you from living your truth. Sanse Espiritismo truly is a path of freedom, mysticism, and love; and initiation is like opening the gates to the life that is possible for you.

  4. Gina

    I came into initiation for more balance and stability in my life.

    I was struggling in my love relationships and had a long term goal for a house/home, family that I struggled achieve. I had little sight for my direction forward because there was so much that felt off. I was doing work as a therapist and I’d work really hard but I never felt appreciated or seen for everything that I did and I often felt dumped on or stepped on or judged by colleagues. I’d have issues with women at times and I felt like I’d have to try really hard to be liked. I was struggling with anxiety and depression that was unmanaged. And as an empath, Id often pick up people’s energy and get thrown off or bogged down by it.

    After initiation, the way ppl acted toward me changed immediately. My anxiety reduced. The issues I was having disappeared.

    I now get deep respect and often compliments instead of criticisms from ppl. I’m seen, appreciated often (although now I feel like I don’t even need it) I’m heard and valued. My unique skill set is acknowledged at work amongst the team and by my clients regularly. In my sessions I can be more present and help the client more because I’m not dealing nor worrying about as much of my own personal issues. I used to go out a lot and it was hard just to sit at home, although having a home was a huge life goal of mine. Now I have a sense of home and stability in my home. I can stay at home and I sleep more peacefully now.

    My friends often tell me how well I know myself and that they feel a sense of calm, inspiration, or hope and feel inspired to find their answers too and to reach for their truth and their own light when they’re around me.

    I also made progress in my relationships. Communication and relating improved. One of the biggest shifts was strong men showed up in my life instead of men who were weak and hurting me. Especially in my Intimate relationships as well as my closest environments (@home, my neighbors and at work) and these strong men coming into my life replaced ppl who were close to me who were abusive, suppressive, or used or didn’t acknowledge me and what I offer. I started seeing what it looked and felt like to not only have strong men in my life but to enjoy how a man expresses his natural desire to want to protect and to want to be there for you. I used to be scared of that and now I love that and appreciate him for that.

    I drive for work and I feel safe on the road. I go into around 100 people’s homes a month, we go into very sick, complex, and often difficult situations. I am empathic and I used to get thrown off by and pick up other people’s energy often. Now, I come out of these environments unscathed. I have a clear sense of what needs to be done when I am in there, the right information gets to me at the right times, and I no longer worry about picking up other people’s energy. Or if I do, know what to do about it to fix it.

    I don’t worry about most of the things that I used to worry about and they were things that were very real issues to me prior.

    I have increased health, no more body pains. Physically my acne (that I’ve had most of my adult life) cleared. My hair grew really long and healthy all of a sudden.

    I have a clear sense of what my healing gifts are and aren’t and the practices that are specifically right for me that help enrich my life.

    In general I’d say that my world around me shifted from seeming to work against me, to conspiring to help me succeed, and supporting and loving me along the way. I still learn my lessons and go thru tough moments but in those moments I know what I’m working on, I am fully supported in the process and I feel safe to grow and to do what I need to do. I also learn things a lot quicker. This used to seem scary to me but it feels good now and I prefer it rather than prolonging the suffering. And I don’t spend as much time beating my head against the wall. So I have more time for what’s important and more time to live my best life and the life that I’m here to live on this planet.

    Initiation is the best thing I could have imagined for myself this life and I would highly recommend any work with Mama Shoshana and Papa Hector. They have truly guided me home and to my highest heights and to more wholeness and love time and time again. Their presence and help and healing has been a priceless, sacred gift that’s truly enhanced and blessed my life in so many infinite ways.

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