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“I believe every soul is unique. How we individually connect to the divine and what the divine is to us varies greatly. As there are hundreds of thousands of deities, there are also hundreds of thousands of ways spirit reaches us. I believe the knowledge people seek is within themselves. With an understanding of how to tap into this energy, purpose can be cultivated from raw power into a refined art.” – Shoshana Des Chenes


Priestess Shoshana practices an ancient form of witchcraft connected with the Taíno people of the Caribbean isles. She teaches people how to speak with spirits. She is a master channel and intuitive, having dedicated her life to the connection of spirit and person, purpose and living, healing and manifestation. For more than 20 years, she’s helped people heal, manifest and connect to the deepest parts of themselves.

From a very young age, Shoshana immersed herself in the mysteries of the Kabbala, herbal medicine and healing, the Tarot, energy work, physiology, spirituality and world faith systems. She has worked extensively with shamans and curanderas. Some of her teachers include Renee Beck MFT, author of “The Art of Ritual”, Sandra Couts, author of “Intuitive Connections – A Five Step Process to Embrace Your Intuition”, and Karyn Sanders, native American medicine woman. Shoshana is a graduate of the prestigious Southwestern School of Botanical Medicine, located in Bizbee Arizona, studying directly under Michael Moore and Dana Chesner. Most proudly, she is an Initiate of the Sanse tradition where she studies directly under spiritual worker Houngan Hector Salva, a rare position only attained through invitation.

Shoshana is a spirit worker and certified Master Intuitive with a successful practice performing psychic readings, spirit medicine and counseling. Her work as a medical-intuitive and psychic has helped thousands of people understand their lives better. Having channeled her most powerful works while maintaining a thorough understanding of modern healing modalities and psychology, Shoshana is also well-versed in the ontological transformational movement. Known as “the practice of being”,

Shoshana has thousands of hours training and experience coaching individuals and leading transformational work. An outstanding public speaker, she was a guest speaker at a natural medicine symposium which featured key note speakers Deepak Chopra and Dr. Vincent Ladd. In 2007, Shoshana was proudly awarded a certificate of recognition by a member of Congress during Women’s History Month for her contribution in “Moving history forward for women.”

Focusing for some time solely on women, Shoshana owned and operated an integrative dance studio bridging body and spirit through dance. A sought after performer and teacher, hundreds of women benefited from her loving and expert teaching, becoming connected to their bodies in new and beautiful ways. Through this work, Shoshana created “The Sacred Feminine Program”, personally guiding women nationwide on a multi-year journey to themselves, their intuition and life path, giving them the tools to live rich, powerful and informed lives. Building on her years of experience, Her programs offered in-person and online internet conferencing. This comprehensive and complete curriculum taught people how to create their own spiritual path.

Shoshana’s own person spiritual journey never stops. In 2011, she was guided to begin studying Sanse Espiritismo under the world renowned master Houngan Hector Salva. Under his disciplined guidance and instruction, Shoshana expanded her understanding and use of herbal medecen, aplication and spirit work. This led her to be initiated in the tradition as a practicing Sanse Espiritismo Priestess allowing her to help people by contacting the spirit world. Only a hand full of individuals in the world today have this training because the lineage is only handed down to family members. Priestess Shoshana is an exception and can perform spiritual work as it was in the days of old.

Shoshana Des Chenes, Sanse Espiritismo Priestess

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The Female Mysteries and their Herbs

Most every spiritual tradition alludes to the presence of the divine feminine, yet few honor women as equal to men, and even fewer have an oral history that is unbroken. In Sanse Espiritismo, women hold an important and egalitarian status in the tradition. Join Mambo Shoshana Des Chenes, a Priestess in the Sanse tradition in this rare and sacred glimpse into the role of the female mysteries, and their associated herbs, powers and teaching that heal the whole person.

Love, compassion and power, sums up the work that Mama Shoshana has provided women throughout her 25 years as a healer and performing artist. During her teenage years, Mama Shoshana vowed that she would do everything humanly possible to provide herself an education that was outside of mainstream  corporate America. She journeyed from her home in Santa Fe, NM at the age of 15 and sought out spiritually-based practices, that became an arsenal of healing remedies, traditional folkloric medicine and women’s practices, which leads her to be recognized as a modern-day Priestess. Not an easy feat.

Through her force and drive, Mama Shoshana single-handedly helps thousands of women heal from sexual abuse, childhood traumas, infertility issues, and has lead women to find their softness and their strength to make possible what they thought was never possible. As the former director of the Sacred Feminine Program, Mama Shoshana was recognized by members of congress for moving history forward for women. As the CEO of Priestess Works, Director of the Serpent Sutra Dance School in Pitman, NJ and a local author, Mama Shoshana draws on her background in folkloric medicial treatments, and movement therapy to work with struggling women in and around New Jersey to help heal their lives, create families, and build joy and prosperity.

She specializes in working with women (and men) who have undergone abusive or traumatic life events, and teaches them it’s possible to turn around even the most dire circumstances to have success in business, love and relationships and self empowerment. She believes only one thing can help someone truly heal from abuse, and that is to create a better life, stable relationships and a foundation in what’s possible to move their history forward. She works with women from all cultural backgrounds to provide them a sense of ownership over themselves and their lives, to heal their hearts and to give them a better vision for themselves and their family lineage. “There is no other tool more powerful than our own bodies and minds”, she says. The moral of the story is that those who have struggled end up being able to change their lives and offer help to others.

Mama Shoshana’s story is a powerful one of coming from nothing and making a life filled with beauty and success. As a local, female CEO, she now uses her own success to help others. All things come full circle — Mama Shoshana now consults peoples in the tri-State area, helping them break abusive practices through implementing strategic holistic wellness packages that empower a shift. As a young mom, she feels inspired for what her life has yet to bring.